Domestic Violence

Protect Yourself From Domestic Violence

You Deserve Help out of a Terrible Situation

When you have the law on your side, you can finally get yourself and your children out of a dangerous situation.

Ensure That You've Protected Your Family With Our Help

We understand that you may be scared, anxious, or worried about retribution after reporting your partner for harming you. Your safety is our number one concern.

Get the Right Kind of Assistance When You're Brave Enough to Move On

You can count on Law Office of James W. Chandler, P.A. to handle your situation and look after your safety:
  • Criminal domestic violence cases that resulted in an arrest
  • Assault cases
  • Battery cases
  • Domestic violence injunctions / restraining orders
Protect yourself by filing for an injunction for protection against violence – this ensures that the other party:
  • Stays away from you and any children
  • Cannot possess any weapons
  • Does not visit certain locations
  • Violation of such an order is punishable with a 1st-degree misdemeanor
Don’t hesitate to call for your 30-minute initial consultation! A nominal fee is charged for family cases.
James W. Chandler has been recognized for Florida Super Lawyers for the past five years (2013-2017)..
Avva Rating 10.0
super Lawyer 2017
super Lawyer 2017
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